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Memories of 'Mo

^Kaz's Golden Gizmo^
May 13, 1986 - July 18, 2000

In September of 1986 my fiance' decided he wanted a puppy. Despite my objections, he insisted on going to a pet store for a "purebred" puppy, rather than to the Humane Society for a baby in need of rescue. As he pointed to various puppies, they were brought into a visitor's room to meet their prospective parents.
First came a tiny black and white Shih Tzu who was delighted to meet us! She tugged at my pant leg and simply begged for attention.
Next came a little golden Lhasa Apso boy. A whirling dervish who dashed around the room playing with the toys and occasionally glancing over his shoulder to see if the people were indeed still there. He never came over to meet us on his own. I had to go and get him and introduce myself. I had made my decision.....the tiny little Shih Tzu.
Evidently, the little Lhasa had other ideas. Somehow, he convinced my fiance' that he would be going home with us. I carried this wiggly, frightened, 7 lb. baby through the mall in my arms to the truck and all the way home. He made me his Mom on the day he turned 11 weeks old. And the story began......
'Mo soon blossomed into his full coat. His "Dad" and I parted several years later and 'Mo and I moved on......and continued to build memories.
My 'Mo left for the Bridge at 5:40 p.m. on July 18, 2000....just two days after my 49th birthday. I kept my final promise to him.....that my face would be the last one he would see as he left this earth in my arms.......